GIVI Magazine - Dicembre 2022

create the bag. For example, for the Experience and Adventure lines, I started from the assumption that they had to be heat-sealed bags and consequently I considered the technical constraints that technology imposed on us. It’s essential to know the product development methods well to facilitate the design phases and avoid designing infeasible products. From here we move on to the most enjoyable phase, the creative one, where we strive to fit all the elements together. Being a technical product, every idea must be balanced with the constraints of the product, without spending too much time with infeasible ideas. Once the style has been defined, we move on to the creation of the technical files which I then send to the modelling department, where we go to outline the pattern of the bag (in paper or fabric) which is then positioned on the bike. This process helps us better understand what to change and improve during the preliminary phase. We then send the supplier all the files necessary for the creation of the first sample. The manufacturing phase of the product passes through multiple samples; the approval of the definitive one marks the end of the project and the start of the production phase. Is being a user of the product essential in order to design correctly? I wouldn’t say essential, but certainly being a first-person user does help a lot. You have the opportunity to personally try the products and evaluate the criticalities at the start of the design process, in order to improve every detail step by step. For example, with one of the new products in the Adventure line, we damaged a smartphone screen during a test on an impervious path. Thanks to this we were able to highlight a problem that hadn’t emerged back in the office, leading us to a different technical solution. Obviously the tests are carried out by several people during the design phase, helping us obtain the best results. Let’s talk about materials: which ones are the most suitable? That depends on the line. Each line requires its own set of features also in terms of the choice of materials. Products in the Adventure line must be very light and very resistant, which is why we opted for ripstop nylon. The Experience line, on the other hand, requires very resistant but also thicker materials. The Urban is a versatile line that has no real technical requirements in terms of material. In ENGLISH TEXT general, all our selected materials, across all product lines, have one feature in common - they are resistant to UV rays. There are currently three product lines. What is the most successful product in each line? For the Urban line, the lateral 13L Boulevard for its size and practicality for home/work use. For the Experience line, the 20L Junter side bag which is comfortable, waterproof, robust and useful for getting noticed by cars in the urban jungle thanks to its bright colours and reflective elements. The air valve technology is the gem of this product, which allows the air to escape automatically while closing the bag. For the Adventure line I’d say the Climb handlebar bag - I really appreciate the extra load system integrated in the front part of the bag. Entering a new and commercially crowded market… Is there a bag model or a technical element that the competition lacks? What makes the difference? What makes the difference, and a potential distinguishing feature, are the quick coupling/ release systems of the bags. Having designed and patented the “RAPIDO” and “CONTATTO” systems (new for 2023) means giving an extra boost to your products, making them extremely comfortable, immediate and original. In addition to the “CONTATTO” system, what else is cooking for 2023? We’ll reveal a very interesting innovation that will enhance our product range…. hold on to the handlebars! 36 Inside Givi