GIVI Magazine - Dicembre 2022

In addition to what has been described here, riders of this bike can choose from an extremely long list of accessories, specific as well as universal, to increase baggage and riding comfort. For the bike displayed at EICMA, GIVI chose to highlight the protection ans safetyrelated components. These include: The specific 5124D smoked top fairing that is 43.5 cm x 43 cm + the D5131KIT screen reinforcement kit. And then we have a super-technical specific engine guard made of 25-mm stainless steel tubing, created in two sections (TN51280X and TNH51280X) for the best possible way to protect the lower and upper area of the twin-cylinder engine. To further protect the cylinder heads, GIVI has designed the PH5128, a specific component made with anodised aluminium. The radiator also has its own specific guard. It’s called PR5108 and is manufactured in black painted stainless steel. This BMW is equipped with an accessory that ensures parking on the side stand, widening its resting base by using the specific ES5108 aluminium and stainless steel support. Two extremely useful accessories contribute to the concept of “riding safety” - FG5108 ABS foot guards and the EH5108 smoked Plexiglass extensions, which can be installed on the original hand guards. BMW CE-04 (22) A two-wheeled vehicle that seems to have arrived from the future. Its revolutionary design, technical solutions, and performance thrust it forward within electric urban mobility, a segment that certainly stifles its full potential. The CE-04 introduced itself to visitors at the GIVI stand with a set of well-balanced accessories based on space for day-to-day baggage, on-board comfort, and connectivity. At the tail end of its sleek lines, the specific SR5142 fitting + M5 plate for MONOLOCK top cases were mounted, used in this case to hold an E46 RIVIERA, the new top-of-the-range GIVI top case featuring MONOLOCK connection. Here, it is fitted with smoked reflectors (NT version) and has an interior capacity of 46 litres, enough space to store two modular helmets. The passenger seat becomes more comfortable with the E207 backrest. For the driver, GIVI offers greater protection from the air thanks to the size of the specific 5142DT windscreen (73 x 60 cm). The dedicated D5142KIT fitting kit is available to fix it to the CE-04. To support connectivity, the scooter at the stand was customised with the addition of a mounting hardware kit (03VKIT) specifically to install the RC S903A, S904B Smart Mount. The S904B universal aluminium bracket, with technopolymer central support, mounted directly on the (brake/clutch) oil reservoir cover, as well as the universal S958SK smartphone bracket (without fitting). HONDA CRF1100L AFRICA TWIN ADVENTURE SPORT (20>21) One of the most sought-after maxi enduro bikes on the market, this model adapts to any situation, including truly tough off-road excursions. The equipment chosen for EICMA focused on CANYON, a range of soft technical bags made for adventure. AFRICA TWIN blazes the trail for the new entries in the range: the GRT723 and the GRT724. The GRT723 is a waterproof top case, with a 40-litre capacity, featuring a semi-rigid bottom that combines light weight with a MONOKEY fixing system, usually used on hard cases. The specific rear attachment for this bike is called SR1178, which we combined with the 3-mm M8B aluminium plate. The GRT724, on the other hand, is a multi-use 12-litre cargo bag that fits just as well on the passenger seat as it does on the lid of an aluminium case or, as in the case of the HONDA outfitted for the stand, combined with its bigger sibling. The CANYON logo also features on the pair of GRT720 side bags, water resistant with a capacity of 25 + 25 litres. These cases also have a MONOKEY fixing system to ensure that they can withstand even hard routes which, in turn, connect them to the specific PL ONE-FIT MONOKEY configured side case holders. The S250 tool box, although hidden from view, is extremely useful. Here, it is mounted on the side case holders using the dedicated TL1178KIT fixing kit. But let’s get back to the CANYON BAGS, because they are prominently visible on the front of the AFRICATWIN. The model mounted on the fuel tank is called GRT715. Its shape follows the profile of the fuel tank, where it is fastened using the specific base for quick connect and quick release. The waterproof bag has an interior capacity of 20 litres. On the left side of the bike, the equipment included the GRT722, another CANYON cargo bag, water resistant and compact (8 litres), so versatile that it can “sit” on the upper engine guard tubes. The engine guard tubes are naturally dedicated to the AFRICA TWIN and, as we already saw on the other bikes in this gallery, are divided into two parts, available separately: TN1178 and TNH1178. Even “parking” benefits from GIVI’s efforts, thanks to the specific ES1178 support, which expands the contact surface of the side stand. We are far from finishing the description of this equipment. There are still many accessories to mention. Let’s pick up from the RM02 splash guard, suspension-mounted on the rear wheel using the specific RM1178KIT component. Hand and face protection is provided by the D1178ST top fairing and the ABS extension for the original hand guards, EH1178. The D1178ST, specifically designed and with a clear finish, replaces the original screen, providing a height 5 cm taller (58 x 41.5 cm). To support devices like smartphones or GPS systems, the bike has been fitted with a range of small technical accessories. The list includes the FB1178, a crossbar that mounts behind the top fairing where the universal S920L smartphone bracket is mounted. Using the 01VKIT mounting hardware kit, the S904B can also be installed, another universal device mount made of aluminium with a reinforced technopolymer central body. Still not satisfied, GIVI also added the universal S604 case for European motorway toll payment devices. 13 Givi Magazine December 2022