GIVI Magazine - Dicembre 2022

KAWASAKI Z900 (20>22) Transform a maxi naked into a Sport Tourer? To show the EICMA public just that, GIVI equipped the 125 HP 4-cylinder Z900 for travel. A set of 4 soft bags finds a spot on board to offer a total cargo carrying capacity of almost 100 litres. The side cases and tank bag are part of GIVI’s super-complete Easy-T soft range. More specifically, we’re talking about the pair of EA127 bags. Expandable up to 30 litres, these bags feature a waterproof inner bag and fluorescent yellow finish. The front pocket with a long zip makes them particularly convenient. Depending on the type of bike and how it is used, the specific TR4118 subframes are worth a mention. What makes them special is the REMOVE-X system that allows for quick-release from the motorcycle frame once the side bags have been removed. Designed to adapt as well as possible to sport and naked bikes, the only element that remains fixed to the motorcycle is a simple clip mounted on the passenger foot peg. A tank bag lets you keep small items handy. It’s called EA144 and it features TANKLOCK connection, providing 5 litres of space and a fluorescent yellow rain cover. The specific flange to use TANKLOCK and TanklockED bags on the Z900 is the BF29. The rear baggage chosen for the Z900 at the trade fair is worthy of its own mention in that it comprises two elements: the universal S430 SEATLOCK (to mount bags with the TANKLOCK/ TanklockED system on the passenger seat), on which GIVI mounted an extremely intriguing prototype bag (the TAILLOCK). Its popularity with the public convinced the brand to put it into production. We’ll see it in 2023. We’ll continue with the description, shifting our attention to the front part of the naked bike, featuring the specific 1176A top fairing with smoked finish and dimensions of 28 x 36.5 cm (the accessory is mounted with the A4128A connection kit) and the pair of HP4103B hand guards, a new technopolymer version, injection moulded with the GIVI logo photo engraved on it. The “protection” continues on into the engine area, where we find a specific, black painted, stainless steel radiator guard, item code PR4118. And then there is frame protection with the fantastic SLD0GR sliders made of fibre glass reinforced polymer with green anodised billet aluminium inserts. The two are mounted on the Z900 using the specific kit SLD4118KIT. MOTO MORINI X-CAPE 649 (21>22) With the equipment we are about to present, GIVI takes this spectacular adventure bike to unparalleled comfort and gets it ready to travel roads all over the world with everything you need to look beyond the horizon. GIVI was playing on its home pitch, thoroughly familiar with the needs of anyone who loves and rides this type of bike. We begin with the trio of aluminium cases, in turn personalised with a plethora of dedicated optional accessories. The range chosen is the TREKKER ALASKA MONOKEY, here with natural finish, which showcases the newALA44A, 44-litre top case mounted on the X-CAPE using the specific rear attachment SR9350 + M7 plate. The top case is completed by the interior lining for the bottom and E202 lid, an E198 interior courtesy light, and the E233S backrest. The pair of TREKKER ALASKA side cases, item code ALA36APACK2, provides an interior capacity of 36 litres each and is installed on this Morini with PLO9350MK, the specific side case holder from the PL ONE-FIT range, set up for MONOKEY cases. The vast range of optional features chosen for the side cases includes the X-Line XL01 cargo bag mounted on the lid of the right-hand side case (water resistant and expandable from 15 to 20 litres), the E188 padded fabric carrying handle, the E144 elasticised mesh for storage inside the case, a pair of silk-screened adhesive reflectors for the rear, and a set of 3 protective adhesives for the E146 case lid. E199 support in nylon reinforced with fibre glass, with stainless steel thermal flask STF500S (the set is mounted on the left side case), and, last but not least, waterproof 35-litre inner bags, model T506. There is never enough space on board, especially when your travels take you from one continent to another. That’s why the tank bag chosen, the EA143, expands from 21 to 27 litres. It is a model with TANKLOCK attachment, and it mounts on the X-CAPE with the specific BF05 flange. Let’s move farther forward to discover the specific D9350ST clear top fairing, 62 x 43 cm, the ABS HP9350B hand guards and the pair of S322 LED approved fog lights, mounted here — just as an example — using the specific LS9350 mounting kit that allows for installation without the engine guard tube. That is not the case for us, since the GIVI engine guard is not missing here (it’s the TN9350, specific for this bike, made with 25-mm tubing), and it is supported in terms of engine protection by the PR9350 component, made of black painted stainless steel and mounted in front of the radiator. If you’re curious about the accessory mounted on the rear tyre, you should know that it is the kit comprising the RM02 splash guard, fixed to the wheel axle using the specific kit RM9350KIT. We are just about at the end of an extremely long list. All that’s left is the specific ES9350 support, made of aluminium and stainless steel, which expands the contact surface of the original side stand. ROYAL ENFIELD METEOR 350 (21>22) This model is also part of the “magnificent” nine outfitted and exhibited by GIVI at EICMA. A “little bike” with an attractive (classic) look capable of attracting an “under cover” public to the world of two wheelers. The engine displacement lets it break free of the city, and with the right accessories, it can even turn into a holiday Cruiser. One more thing, the name 14 Novità 2022