GIVI Magazine - Dicembre 2022

Meteor was taken from a motorcycle built by Royal Enfield in the early 1950s in its historic Redditch plant. Given the style of the bike, the choice could be none other than the range of CORIUM soft bags, more specifically, a pair of CRM102 side bags featuring the waterproof roll-top closing system and a removable IPX5 inner bag. Each bag has a capacity of 16 litres, and the pair is supported by a saddle strap and the dedicated TMT9053 subframe. The CRM103 tank bag is from the same range, featuring magnetic mounting and with an interior capacity of 8 litres. If more luggage space is needed, you should know that the CORIUM range also includes a backpack that can transform into an 18-litre saddle bag called CRM101. Completing the picture are the specific TN9053 tube engine guards (painted black with 25-mm diameter tubing) and the A660 universal windscreen that features two anchor points and a smokedfinish screen 42.5 x 42 cm in size. NIU MQI GT (21>22) One of the most interesting scooters on the current “electric” scene, it features a 4th-generation lithium battery, 3000W Bosch motor, 14” wheels, disc front and rear brakes, a top speed of 70 km/h, and a range of 80 km, three riding modes, smartphone connection via app, etc. For this model, along with other NIU models, GIVI has already made custom accessories. The equipment presented at EICMA is compatible with the needs of those who choose the MQI GT for their daily urban commuting. It includes the 33-litre MONOLOCK C30 top case, a model designed for small engine displacement vehicles, and the relative SR8963B rear attachment, naturally specifically designed. Despite the medium size and sleek aesthetics of the top case, it is spacious enough to store any type of helmet, still leaving room enough room for other small items. The structure of the C30, in turn, acts as support for the E234S fabric-covered foam rubber backrest and enhanced by the GIVI logo. At the front, the vehicle flaunts the D1181ST clear windscreen. Sized to provide the rider with right wind protection (54 x 49 cm), it is fastened to the handlebar using the specific A8962A attachments. The motorcycle equipment, the participation of riders, and the new accessories are basically the reason EICMA visitors stop by to see us. The 2022 edition, however, should also be remembered for its “container”. In short, the stand. This Milan-based manufacturer has changed for the better and in every aspect. Including its position within the trade fair. The general design of the space, with a square floor plan, all the way down to the smallest detail, was planned and executed with more care than ever before. The design highlighted the display area, optimising and opening it up to the public on all sides. Sales offices and service spaces were located on a mezzanine located above the bicycle area and the café for the staff. Across from the colossus HONDA, the GIVI stand did not look bad at all. But let’s get back to the stand, which divided the areas by “attitude”, or the trends that “guide” passion in the direction of specific twowheel segments: Adventure, Touring, Urban, Café Racer, Sport, Technical Parts, GIVI Bike, and GIVI Electric. Each of these islands hosted a vehicle outfitted for the occasion and 4 significant products for each “attitude”. The true novelty was the creation of the EVENT AREA, complete with reception, audio/video booth, and an enormous mega screen behind it, visible from dozens of metres away. This is where engineers and presenters took their turns, with the press following the presentations of the most important new items for 2023, riders signing autographs, and visitors watching the many videos created specifically for the event in Milan. The pictures speak for themselves. Open the gallery! 15 Givi Magazine December 2022