GIVI Magazine - Dicembre 2022

HARLEY DAVIDSON PAN AMERICA 250 (21>22) This “Made in the USA” bike has turned out to be an unexpected adversary for large crossovers. In terms of experience, the gap in the tourer segment was bridged rather quickly. And we were not caught off guard. In fact, here it is in all its splendour, thanks in part to our equipment, posing at our EICMA stand. Its muscular form demanded aluminium cases. In fact, the choice fell to the TREKKER OUTBACK MONOKEY trio, all with black finishing, comprising the OBKN58B 58-litre top case (attachable to the bike using the SRA8400 anodised aluminium rear attachment) and the pair of Monokey Cam-Side cases – one with a 48-litre capacity and the other 37 litres - OBKN4837BPACK2 (the dedicated side case holder for them is called PLO8400MK). Joining the cargo cases are other bags from the X-Line range: the XL01, a water-resistant cargo bag that expands from 15 to 20 litres, mounted on top of the right side case lid. There is also an XL02 model, with greater cargo capacity and roll-top closing, that can be positioned on the lid of the top case. The tank bag is the XL06 TANKLOCK, expandable from 15 to 20 litres, and it is secured to the Pan American’s fuel cap using the specific BF65 flange. Some of the accessories are visible, and others are concealed. This is especially true for the hard cases, which can conceal “comfortable” solutions on the inside. Getting back to the 58-litre top case, the features in the equipment set-up for the show include the comfortable E172 backrest, the E185 universal handle for easy carrying, the E201 interior lining for the bottom and lid, the E198 interior courtesy light, and the E161 elasticised mesh for storage. The Trekker Outback side cases showed the supplementary E143 carrying handle, made with padded fabric, the E144 elasticised mesh for storage, adaptable to the underside of the lids, a pair of E145 reflectors, the set of three E146 rubber adhesives applied to the lids for protection, and the interior lining for the bottom and the cover of the E204 (the 48-litre case) and the E203 (the 37-litre case). Also on the side cases area, we find the fibre glass reinforced nylon E199 for the stainless steel thermal water bottle, STF500S (the kit can be seen mounted on the right side of the H-D adjacent to the side case). On the left side, the equipment included the E205 specific support, made of fibre glass reinforced nylon + relative 2.5-litre TAN01 tank to transport fuel, water, or oil. Behind the side case holder, GIVI added the S250 tool box. It can be secured on the PAN AMERICA using the specific TL8400KIT attachment. To support the riding aspect, a pair of S322 fog lights was added, approved and universal, operating with LED technology and housed in a black painted aluminium body. The bike at the stand also featured an S920M universal smartphone clamp. The final accessory is a must, the ES9350 specific support, made of aluminium and stainless steel, to expand the contact surface of the original side stand. HONDA NC750X (21>22) A model that continues to sell well and to be vital and rational, at the GIVI stand, it demonstrated its true inspiration: becoming a credible street tourer. The photos we’ll show you here confirm the potential of this twin-cylinder, increasingly less scooter and more motorcycle. At EICMA, GIVI presented it to the public with a trio of road cases comprising the painstakingly designed V47N MONOKEY top case with anodised aluminium finishing, red reflectors, and 47 litres of space inside. The rear attachment that allows it to be mounted on this bike is called 1192FZ, and the supporting plate is the M9B. It comes with two optional items: the T502B inner bag and the E134S backrest. The pair of V37N side cases with MONOKEY SIDE attachment are colour coded to match the top case, and they highlight their aerodynamic qualities with the arrow-shaped matt silver lid. Each one has a capacity of 37 litres. They are mounted on this Honda with the specific PLX1192 side case holders. But that’s not all. With the addition of the 07RKIT RAPID RELEASE, the side case holder transforms into a quick-release frame, which leaves the side of the vehicle sleek and clean when travelling without the side cases. The V37N units are also completed by the optional T443D inner bags. The equipment presented on the NC750X displayed at the GIVI stand included a significant number of accessories for improving riding safety and comfort and, more generally, to protect the more sensitive parts of the vehicle. Let’s start with the D1192ST specific clear windscreen. It is more protective than the standard screen (54 x 43 cm), and it mounts directly on the anchor points of the original. Behind the top fairing, GIVI mounted the FB1192 crossbar. This accessory acts as the base for the GPS/smartphone bracket installation. Just as an example, the S921 universal clamp is mounted on the crossbar. The new HP1192B specific hand guards are also installed. As a riding aid, after twilight, the HONDA can also rely on a pair of supplementary halogen high beams. The product code for these is S310. The two lights find their “home” on the tubes of the GIVI engine guard, highly protective on the side of the engine, as it has been developed in two kits, one upper and one lower (TN1192 and TNH1192), constructed with 25mm black painted tubing. GIVI also took the time to look after the radiator, thanks to the PR1146 specific protection made in black painted stainless steel. At the rear tyre, we find another interesting accessory, the specific RM1146KIT component, which supports the RM02 splash guard and is fitted to the wheel axle. A bike set up like this will definitely not shy away from a few dirt roads. And in these cases, or anywhere the road surface may leave the rider a bit uneasy, the ES1192 comes into play, the specific support made of aluminium and stainless steel, which expands the contact surface of the original side stand. 16 Novità 2022